These SIGNS Can Tell You If Your TRAINING & NUTRITION Is Working | 1803

00:00 MAPS STRONG Giveaway
01:49 Mind Pump Fit Tip: One of the easiest and best ways to know that you are doing the right kind of training, eating the best diet, and living the best lifestyle is if you are getting STRONGER.
06:33 How conversations with friends have changed since becoming fathers.
09:57 Awkward moments with your children.
15:30 Sal recaps his recent business trip to LA.
24:21 The guys discuss how our media covers high-profile trials.
22:08 Elon wins!
42:59 The guys provide a follow-up on their minerals & metals test from
47:33 Why being deficient in vitamin D is not good.
50:03 The issue Mind Pump has with people taking things out of context on social media.
56:43 Organifi crushes in the flavor department!

58:25 Quah question #1 – How often should you see a chiropractor?
1:08:01 Quah question #2 – Other than reducing the risks of metabolic adaptation, what are the positives of using calorie cycling over the same caloric intake?
1:14:33 Quah question #3 – What would your routine go-to workouts look like at age 45?
1:24:02 Quah question #4 – Can taking painkillers before or after lifting inhibit muscle growth?

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