This 20% Rule WILL Change The Way You Eat

If you are stressing out about meal frequency and how to maximize your results for muscle building and fat loss, use this 20% rule that will completely transform the way that you approach your nutrition. You will walk away with more time for the things that matter in life BECAUSE you don’t have to stress about timing your meals perfectly. We can do very little and get a massive amount of results. The 80 20 rule applies to bodybuilding as well. Focus on the 20% that will get you massive results so that you can live your life and enjoy family instead of slaving away in the gym or kitchen.

Jeff Nippard Essentials Program (Minimalist Training) –

Biolayne majority of weight loss benefits come with the first 10% of weight lost (3:10 seconds) –

Jeff Nippard anabolic window –

Mind Pump (Another perspective about why you should not stress about meal timing) –

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