Training Tips with Holly Baxter | Road to Worlds Lower Body | Week 2

This week I go through one of my ROAD TO WORLDS lower body sessions 🔥 I cover a range of different exercise variations and training techniques to help you optimize your workouts, as well as share some details about the mystery ‘MYO Rep Method’ which so many of you have asked me about following along on the workout builder.

I show you some of the different grips I use with my deadlifts and why I will sometimes go ‘grip less’, while other times I use my lifting wraps. There is talk about the various resistance training bands featured in the session and why I incorporate these quite a bit within my programming. @biolayne also makes a surprise guest appearance (CLEARLY, I have no idea he was even in the building lol 😂).

Lots of important take homes in this weeks training session folks! I hope you enjoy this video! 🙂

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