True Bodybuilding Program- The Art & Science of Physique Development & Physique Presentation

True BodybuildingThe Art and Science of Physique Development
and Physique Presentation.

After hours of recording, editing and designing, we are very happy with the outcome of this program, and are excited to make it available to you.

This is a detailed program produced by SmartTraining365 in collaboration with Doug Brignole—successful bodybuilder and biomechanics expert. Doug’s career is iconic, with over 40 years in the field, and a competition trajectory that spanned from the Golden era (the late 1970s and early 1980s), to his second Mr. Universe victory (November 2019) at the age of 59 — 43 years.

The program include over 12 hours of video, on the following subjects:

– How to start working out
– Goal setting
– Biomechanics
– Workout splits, frequency, sets and reps
– Workout examples for beginners/intermediate/advanced
– Exercise demonstration
– Diet & Nutrition with Doug Brignole
– Diet, Nutrition, supplements and much more with Jerry Brainum
(Between Doug Brignole and Jerry Brainum, there’s over 100 years of study and experience)
– Cardiovascular exercise
– Competition preparation
– The art of Posing
– Judging
– Competition Day (men & women)
– Tanning
– 12 weeks before competition
– 3 days before competition
– After the competition plan
And much more…

This program is not only for those who want to compete. It’s also for anyone who wants to coach male and female clients for competition, as well as learning techniques that can be used to help your own training and dieting.

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