What Happens If Your Vitamin D Deficient? Nutrition with Jerry Brainum – Part 2

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Applied Metabolics Newsletter although written in simple English, supplies solid, evidence-based science that is easily understood. You won’t need a graduate science degree to read this publication. Other newsletters are often too technical to interest anyone other than a scientist or a graduate student. They look and read like medical journals, often relating highly technical material with no effort to provide simple explanations. Often, the articles offer nothing of practical use, either. In contrast, the cornerstone of Applied Metabolics Newsletter is to provide information that is not only interesting and highly readable, but also practical. I absolutely guarantee that readers will learn something with every issue. And it will be something that they can apply to their own lives. Other newsletters, often called “research reviews,” are very academic, with dry prose that will interest only the most highly motivated willing to wade though a forest of technical data. In addition, such “research reviews” are usually limited to one topic, such as nutrition. In contrast, the Applied Metabolics Newsletter offers in depth information about nutrition; food supplements; exercise science; ergogenic aids (including drugs in sports); anti-aging and longevity research; women’s health issues; fat-loss techniques and research; and preventive medicine. In that sense, AMN is the equal of more than 10 of the “research reviews!”

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