Will Alcohol Kill Your Gains? | Team Biolayne | Coach Jaymes Longstrom

Coach @jaymeslongstrom is here to answer a very popular question about alcohol consumption and how it affects muscle protein synthesis.

•Alcohol has a caloric value different than carbs, fats and proteins
•Alcohol has 7 calories per gram
•Ethanol is the common ingredient in alcoholic drinks and is a toxin
•Systematic Review PMID: 33467356
-1g of ethanol per kg body weight
-less than .5g per kg body weight resulted in negative consequences
-Equals about 3.5 drinks for a 70kg male
•Limit alcohol consumption to 4 or less drinks per day for anabolism
•2020 Study PMID: 31018614
-No difference in body composition with 1-2 drinks per day

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