Zero Calories – Five Days – 100 Miles Documentary / Full HD

What was 0-5-100?

8 people – Olympic Gold medallist James Cracknell, Steve Bennett, Jake Thompson, Type 1 Diabetic Jon Furniss, Doctor Ian Lake (Type 1 Diabetic), Doctor Ali Ibrahim (Childhood Eating Disorder Phycologist) Nurse Gayle Gerry (Diabetes specialist) and Dr. Trudi Deakin (Dietitian) are walking/running 100 miles over five days on zero calories. Just water, electrolytes, multivitamin and the odd coffee for some (black of course). ZERO CALORIES!!

This is a health experiment, with medical testing, before, during and after, to see how metabolic flexibility truly works. The hypothesis is that when you turn off incoming food, if you are fat-adapted, you can run off burning your own body fat.

The participants represent ages from 29 to 62, both sexes, 2 with type 1 diabetes, 1 obese person, 1 professional athlete and a health author.

We would like to find out if fasting is both safe and even beneficial when putting the body under stress (like running and walking 100 miles)! Once you kick the CARBs and processed foods, within just a week or two, your body will be more than happy to be a fat burner. In fact it prefers fat burning. ADLIB 0 – 5 – 100

Once you are in fat burning mode, you possess, without hunger, to also switch from incoming food to consuming your stored body fat as energy. Effortlessly,, without hunger, without tiredness!

This to most people always sounds far too fetched – like impossible or like some voodoo trick. But its not, eventually, once you become metabolically flexible, it’s really easy and straight forward to do…

In-fact it is possibly the single most healthy thing you could EVER do!

Let me remind you about Dr David Sinclair, author of Lifespan – subtitled “Why We Age and Why we don’t need too”, DAVID is probably currently the worlds leading expert in DNA, genes, epigenetics, the understand of our genome and everything basically on a molecular level. He – to me understands cells and why we age probably better than any human on the planet. He has laboratories in the USA and in Australia and has a huge team of scientists working on studying how to live longer. While it’s difficult to summarise all of his brilliant work in just one sentence, he himself offers the following advice, ADVICE that will most likely shock you. He says, “After 25 years of researching aging and having read thousands of scientific papers, if there is one bit of advice I can offer, one sure-fire way to stay healthier, longer, one thing you can do to maximise your life span, right now, it’s this: Eat less often”.

This is nothing revolutionary, of course as Marie Antoinette – “There is nothing new, only that which has been forgotten”!

Hippocrates promoted fasting, especially when ill. Most religions believe in its benefits.

Fasting – allows our bodies to exist in a state of want, more often than most people in the modern world seem to ever chose to do. Yet the health benefits are immense – its possibly the single biggest thing you can do to add life to your years and years to your life.

Dr David Sinclair believes so and so do I too.
By not Fasting- it is possibly the furthest road we have travelled away from our primal ancestors.

Dr David Sinclair believes that fasting engages our survival circuitry, telling our longevity genes to do what they have been doing best since primal times, to boost cellular defences, keep organs alive during times of adversity, ward off disease and deterioration, minimise epigenetic change and slow down aging.

If we think back to one of the Blue Zones, where there are high concentrations of centenarians, the Japanese island of Okinawa, children have a calorie intake 1/3rd lower than mainland Japan and even into adulthood, they have a calories intake 20% lower than the mainland. It seems that fasting and food restriction, not to the point of malnutrition, is the answer to longevity and adds both life to years and years to life

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